Where are all the other causes of death aside from CoViD-19?

Isn’t it weird like “all other causes of death” suddenly stopped and like every single death in the world is because of CoViD-19? šŸ˜€ hahaha…

It seems like it’s the number 1 cause of death now.

As I always say, there should always be a “simple comparative analysis” for any decision and I have been wondering since this quarantine started how many lives will be negatively affected (including deaths) if we do the quarantine.

We only see the deaths of CoViD-19 now but for comparison I would be interested to know how many lives were lost due to delayed diagnoses/treatments cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, etc. due to the quarantine here in the Philippines? The number of Filipinos who got depressed because of the isolation, loss of income, etc. and those that committed murder or suicide because of it? The number of Filipino killed by someone desperate because of the quarantine thinking they might die of hunger? Because according to the attached image below (sourced from US Centers for Disease Control and their Census), more people have died on other causes which might have been prevented, or delayed, if they were able to address it like we address CoViD-19.

CTTO: The Washington Times (

See the number? Just 0.02% chance of dying from CoViD-19 and majority of which are deaths are from patients with diabetes, hypertension, obesity and other lifestyle diseases based on global data versus other causes which is 0.87%.

As I have said before this quarantine started, the experts of PDuts should have been ready with these “projections” then for simple comparative analysis and they should have been ready with the number of actual cases on these things now in parallel with CoViD-19 numbers.

That’s what transparency is all about. Such transparency will give us a better understanding of what’s truly happening at the moment. Such transparency will help us better manage our fears.

Click here to read the full article of The Washington Times.

7-year old daughter, inspirasyon ng isang mataba para maging healthy

Iba’t iba ang rason kung bakit gustong pumayat ng mga mataba at isa sa pinaka magandang rason ay ang maging healthy para tumaas ang tsansa na mas humaba ang buhay para sa mga mahal sa buhay. Gaya na lamang nitong si Justin Dosalva na ginawa ang “Low Carb and Intermittent Fastingā„¢” (LCIF) para sa kanyang anak.

Reposting what Justin shared in my LCIF FB Group here to hopefully inspire others (reposted with permission).


Marino na laging take 2 sa medical exam bago sumampa sa barko, laking pasasalamat sa LCIF!

Maraming marino ang problema ang medical exam na isang requirement bago ka sumampa sa barko dahil sa labis na katabaan at kung anu-ano pang mga lifestyle diseases at isa na dito si Mhyke De Castro Quisquis. Alamin kung pano nya na-solusyonan ang problema nya sa pamamagitan ng paggawa ng “Low Carb and Intermittent Fastingā„¢” (LCIF).

Reposting what Mhyke shared in my LCIF FB Group here to hopefully inspire others (reposted with permission).


Mahusay na kontrabida na si Ricardo Cepeda, naglo-low carb din!

Seriously… kelangan ko pa ba talaga lagyan ng intro tong blog na to? Lingid sa kaalaman ng marami pero may mga artista dito sa Pilipinas ang ginagawa ang low carb at intermittent fasting. Hindi lang nila naishe-share masyado dahil malamang may mga magko-conflict sa sponsors nila.

Reposting what Ricardo Cepeda posted in my LCIF FB Group here to hopefully inspire others (reposted with permission).


“The struggle is real but all was worth it” says a low carb enthusiast

Aryani Perry, a shy LCIF FB Group member, who is a silent reader of the group, decided to be silent no more as she hopes to inspire others with her LCIF Transformation story and she has done the right thing! She certainly is inspiring.

Read this member’s testimony in my LCIF FB Group to hopefully be inspired (reposted with permission).


“Dating Dugong, Sirena na Ngayon” dahil sa LCIF at Exercise

This LCIF FB Group member, Jadrah Lumontad Fiuson, is an embodiment ng mantra namin na “Keep improving” kasi goal weight na sya pero gusto nya pa daw ng mas sexy pa! Way to go, ghorl! Keep up the good work!

Read this member’s testimony in my LCIF FB Group to hopefully be inspired (reposted with permission).


How a “jeepney body shaming experience” was used by an LCIF FB Group member as motivation to lose weight

Naranasan mo na bang ma-bully ng mga hindi mo kakilala dahil sa pagiging mataba?

Sadly, Nalyn Morla Yuson, an LCIF FB Group member, experienced it in a jeepney. Shaming in any form, not just weight aspect, is not good. If you experienced body shaming, or more so continue to experience it, you may want to read this member’s story and hopefully be inspired (reposted with permission).


Isang moderator ng LCIF FB Group, GGSS!

Isang moderator sa Facebook (FB) group kong “Low Carb and Intermittent Fastingā„¢” (LCIF) gandang-ganda sa sarili (GGSS) dahil sa nagawa ng LCIF way of eating (WOE) sa kanya! Well, actually, “sexing-sexy” ang sabi nya, so dapat SSSS. Pero mas kilala ang GGSS eh.

Anyway… I’m reposting her post, in my FB group, here – to hopefully inspire, educate and entertain the readers of my blog (with permission):


How to lose weight?

I used to be obese. I have been so for more than 10 years. After more than 5x of trying to lose weight via what we all know, which is to “eat less, exercise more”, I was able to lost weight… only to gain it all back when I return to eating more and exercising less! The method I used to lose weight wasn’t sustainable as our default setup as a modern human is to “eat more, exercise less”. So I looked for a method where I could do our default setup and still lose weight. This is when I stumbled upon low carb and intermittent fasting.