“Dating Dugong, Sirena na Ngayon” dahil sa LCIF at Exercise

This LCIF FB Group member, Jadrah Lumontad Fiuson, is an embodiment ng mantra namin na “Keep improving” kasi goal weight na sya pero gusto nya pa daw ng mas sexy pa! Way to go, ghorl! Keep up the good work!

Read this member’s testimony in my LCIF FB Group to hopefully be inspired (reposted with permission).

GW: 55Kg (dapat 60kg lang. Kaso gusto ko more!)

I started last Sep. 23, 2019.

Light Zumba once a week for the 1st 4 months then the rest is WOE na and bawi lang sa fasting. I do 23:1 fasting sa weekdays then Casual lowcarb sa weekends (may cheat unti) tapos alternate ko sha weekly ng 120hrs fasting. Mahirap ba? Nakakagutom ba? Hindi naman. Kasi pag gusto mo na talagang pumayat at magbawas kakayin mo! Masasanay ka rin naman eh.


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Sirenang-sirena na nga sya ngayon. Galing!

Thank you for letting me share your post here in my blog, Jadrah! Keep improving and keep inspiring!

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1 thought on ““Dating Dugong, Sirena na Ngayon” dahil sa LCIF at Exercise

  1. mercy

    Wow na wow! Congrats Po👏👏👏Same tayo ng CW ngayon pero GW ko 55 to 50 push pa more💪💪💪 I hope maachieve ko din GW ko this year🙏 God bless us all❤

    Thanks coach dave for always guiding and inspiring us😊more power and God bless po.


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