How a “jeepney body shaming experience” was used by an LCIF FB Group member as motivation to lose weight

Naranasan mo na bang ma-bully ng mga hindi mo kakilala dahil sa pagiging mataba?

Sadly, Nalyn Morla Yuson, an LCIF FB Group member, experienced it in a jeepney. Shaming in any form, not just weight aspect, is not good. If you experienced body shaming, or more so continue to experience it, you may want to read this member’s story and hopefully be inspired (reposted with permission).

Today (April 21,2020) marks the 222nd day of my LCIF journey…

SW: 67.5kgs
CW: 50kgs
GW: 45kgs

– from XL to XS

Just wanna share my story. šŸ˜Š


Everything started one morning at a jeepney terminal when I was about to go for work, the dispatcher was calling for one more passenger before the jeepney can go, everyone was waiting in line and that time it was me that is supposed to be boarded next, when I was about to be seated the dispatcher sarcasticly stopped me from boarding and gave the last seat to the “slimmer” girl in line and said “sorry po ate, siya nalang po para kasya.”

Everyone laughed at that “joke” and was looking at me, the embarrasment I felt on that bodyshaming experience made me ask myself if anyone deserves to be ridiculed by the society just because of one’s body frame or size?

Yes I am somehow used to close relatives and workmate’s jokes pertaining to my frame but the experience I had that day affected me so much that I did not go to work for 3 days worried that I might get ridiculed that way again, that time led me to realize that I must do something about my weight if I want the bodyshaming not to happen ever again.

Until a friend introduced this LCIF program she learned from this FB group, although I was hesitant at first to check it out, I eventually grew my interest about it as I was already looking for ways to get my self esteem up again and I think this LCIF would be it.

As I read more about this LCIF program and the stories being shared by people who are already doing it and how they are gaining self confidence as they progress unto the program, I told my self; I want to gain that confidence too, I want to rebuild a new me, a better me.

Finally did found the motivation and inspiration to really give it a try and end this insecurity I have because of my weight.

I am ready!

Part of getting myself ready for the program is saying my goodbyes to the food I really love who actually are the culprit why I gained so much weight in the first place.

September 2019, I officially geared myself up to the battle I am heading to; no rice, noodles, pasta,bread, soda and sweets.

The first week was hell of an experience and almost unbearable but everytime I am loosing focus, I just think of the “jeepney bodyshaming day” experience and I was refueled by motivation, and I keep on telling myself… “you deserve better, you will be better!” and just like that i’ll be pumping a few sets of jumping jacks in no time.

After the first month under the LCIF program, people around me started noticing the result, and this motivated me more to continue further.

The program made me realize that one’s body is sacred and must be taken cared of, the core of having a healthy body is having first a healthy mind and of course a ton of will power to gain control of the situation.

If you want something to be done, don’t include quitting as an option, stay focused and never look back, every single step is valuable, make every single day count!

DISCIPLINE will be your tool to pave the way to your goal.

GOLD is what you are when you gleam with confidence.

šŸ˜Šā¤ļø Trust the process LCIF Fam!

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Inspiring story, right?

Thank you for letting me share your post here in my blog, Nalyn! Keep improving and keep inspiring!

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