How to choose the next president of the Philippines

I saw an opinion posted in Facebook about how to choose the next leaders on the next election and since I respect other people’s opinions, which is why I don’t share my opposing opinion on their domains, let me share my opinion about the topic here in my domain.

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First of all, President Duterte (PDuts) is doing a good job as president of the country. No one is perfect – not PDuts, not President Trump, not the pope, not you and certainly not me. It has always been my position to support whoever is duly elected by the people of this country even if I don’t like the person in general or his/her specific actions. I always make it a point to be respectful. I may have a loud mouth, I may curse, but I’m respectful.

That being said, my suggestion on how to choose the next leaders, for this blog let me focus on the presidential position, is to first and foremost choose someone who is TRULY CONCERNED about what is right/ for humanity and reality – not someone who is academically smart, claims to understand the poor, soft-spoken, popular or someone who is throwing money at our faces. We need to see beyond the marketing strategies of candidates because they will toy around our emotions as they, or their advisers, are experts in Behavioral Psychology.

What do I mean by “truly concerned for humanity and reality”? Simple really.

S/he should be someone whose bias should not be on what is “right” for a particular person, sector, partisan nor organization because doing so would be unfair to other people, other sectors, other partisans and other organizations. Illogical decisions start from this kind of bias. This is how the “palakasan system” happens – in all branches of government whether executive, legislative or judicial. This bias on a particular person, sector, partisan and organization, and not on humanity and reality, is the root cause of corruption.

Imagine, a president having a bias on a particular businessman who monopolizes the consumers. Imagine, a president having a bias on handing dole outs on people who don’t deserve it (e.g. strong and healthy) at the expense of those who truly deserve it (e.g. PWDs and special people). Imagine, a president having a bias on not implementing strategically sound actions just because the suggestion came from a different political party. Imagine a president having a bias on signing laws that would only benefit a particular spiritual belief. This type of person for me should not be the president of our country.

The bias of the head of state , including other heads in the legislative and judicial branches, should be on what is right for humanity and reality – regardless if a particular person, sector, partisan and organization will be affected.

Aside from this, the next thing that we need to check on a prospective president is his/her ability to do a rational comparative analysis. Why? Because the president will be faced with a lot of problems/challenges on a regular basis which means the ability to decide which amongst the many good solutions would be the lesser evil is a MUST! Decisions should always be based on logic and not emotions (again based on humanity and reality) especially when the only available solutions would mean a few people would be negatively affected.

On the same note, with this skill, rational decision making, the president would be able to choose the best specialists that would help him/her in coming up with various good solutions on every problem which s/he would be deciding on.

So that for me is how we should choose the next president because as someone wise once said, “Insanity is doing the same things and expecting a different result.” For me, any candidate who has shown concern and having the basic analytical skill I mentioned for the longest time, the better. Regardless of who s/he is.

Good luck to all of us! Enjoy! Stay safe, stay healthy! Keep improving, keep inspiring!

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