How to lose weight?

I used to be obese. I have been so for more than 10 years. After more than 5x of trying to lose weight via what we all know, which is to “eat less, exercise more”, I was able to lost weight… only to gain it all back when I return to eating more and exercising less! The method I used to lose weight wasn’t sustainable as our default setup as a modern human is to “eat more, exercise less”. So I looked for a method where I could do our default setup and still lose weight. This is when I stumbled upon low carb and intermittent fasting.

From my YouTube Channel: Paano ba magpapayat?

The vlog I embedded above is primarily meant for Filipino viewers who are not a healthcare professional. Should you require more technical information about LCIF from actual healthcare professionals, you may want to enroll where I also learned a lot about the LCIF WOE at Nutrition Network. Of course this is no longer free as it’s already a professional online training program as spearheaded by one of the most iconic figures in the modern low carb movement, Prof. Tim Noakes.

If you are a Doctor who wish to learn more about this WOE, click here. If you’re a Nutritionist who wish to learn more about this WOE, click here. If you’re a non-healthcare professional like me who wish to become gain more knowledge about this WOE for whatever purpose it may serve you (like being a coach like me perhaps), click here.

If you wish to watch the more free vlogs I created in relation to LCIF, then you can check out my LCIF Way of Eating Playlist in my YouTube Channel.

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