Mahusay na kontrabida na si Ricardo Cepeda, naglo-low carb din!

Seriously… kelangan ko pa ba talaga lagyan ng intro tong blog na to? Lingid sa kaalaman ng marami pero may mga artista dito sa Pilipinas ang ginagawa ang low carb at intermittent fasting. Hindi lang nila naishe-share masyado dahil malamang may mga magko-conflict sa sponsors nila.

Reposting what Ricardo Cepeda posted in my LCIF FB Group here to hopefully inspire others (reposted with permission).

Sharing to inspire. One year ago and today. The struggle is real. I had been doing low-carb on and off for many years since 2004. I would enjoy carbs like unli-rice and bread for several months. Then when I would notice how big I got I would struggle to shift back into a low-carb /keto diet. It only worked best when I combined it with Intermittent Fasting. And it is easier when you have a family of like-minded people with you. Successfully maintaining the lighter me during ECQ. Thanks LCIF for being here. Keep healthy, happy and safe all! 😊

This celebrity is one of the many “silent” celebrities na nasa low carb Facebook group ko and I’m hoping yung iba would become more vocal eventually to hopefully inspire more.

Thank you for letting me share your post here in my blog, Ric! Keep improving and keep inspiring!

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